A brief overview of NdFeB magnet customization

NdFeB magnet customization is widely used in many industries, so there will be various customization magnet questions when customizing, as a professional magnet manufacturer Yutong magnet, we summarize the questions as magnet shape and plating and performance.

First of all, in the shape of NdFeB magnet, we divide the shape into: round magnet, square magnet, circular magnet, sink hole magnet, double sink hole magnet, straight hole magnet, tile magnet, circular magnet, spherical magnet, sector magnet, trapezoid magnet, shaped magnet and so on.Secondly, in the electroplating, our NdFeB custom magnet manufacturers mainly have two kinds of electroplating methods: galvanized and nickel-copper-nickel plating.

The performance of NdFeB custom magnets mainly has various grades from N30-N52, this grade selection should be made according to the actual needs of customers.

The above is the NdFeB magnet customization manufacturer summed up some questions of customers when customizing NdFeB magnet, if you have other questions, you can ask us to ask questions.

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