Detailed use of magnets in daily life

Magnets sound well understood. It is well known that magnets can digest and absorb iron. Many people have used it, but when asked about the detailed use of magnets in daily life, it is difficult to summarize out. Today, we will dissect the magnets and everyone’s life department.

1, electro-acoustic equipment: on cell phones, television sets, sound, cell phone headphones and all pronunciation speakers are all electronic signals into acoustic data signals. The key consists of a fixed immobile permanent magnetic field, electromagnetic coil and cone-shaped paper cone. When the sound to sound frequency electric flow according to the speaker in the way of electromagnetic coil, the electromagnetic field caused by the magnet on the speaker will cause energy to the electromagnetic coil, the electromagnetic coil will form a different number of vibrations because of the change in current strength, and then push the paper cone to transmit a different working frequency and pressure strength of the sound. Paper basin according to the air propagation vibration, so we hear the sound.

2, electronic products: on the cell phone, tablet computer computer hibernation protective cover, etc.

3, luggage leather protective cover and many other objects are fixed immobile with electromagnet suction command.

4, the pharmaceutical industry: the most often used in the medical examination of magnetic resonance. It uses the body’s magnetic field and the instrument itself with the magnetic chemical interaction to produce the test developer, to help people query the cause of morbidity. Similarly, in other treatment methods, there are also a lot of magnet application marks, such as Chinese medicine acupuncture far-infrared magnetic therapy, induction coil detector, etc.

5, electric motors, motors and other electromagnetic energy kinetic energy conversion equipment.

6, magnets are also commonly used in electric zipper, microwave heating and other living appliances.

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