Magnet manufacturers will introduce you the composition and properties of magnets

First of all, as a magnet manufacturer, we will tell you that the composition of magnets is formed by the internal structure of iron, cobalt, nickel and other atoms arranged in a relatively special way, the original magnetic steel sub itself has a magnetic moment. In general, the arrangement of these mineral molecules is relatively chaotic. However, when guided by an external force (such as a magnetic field), the molecules tend to be aligned in the same direction as the magnet, and their magnetic properties are clearly differentiated. Permanent magnets are made by adding a strong magnet to align the spin and electron angular momentum of the magnetic material in a fixed direction, while soft magnets are made by adding an electric current (also a method of adding magnetic force), and when the current is removed, the soft iron will slowly lose its magnetism. The first to discover and use magnets should be the Chinese “compass”, the compass is one of the four major inventions of China.

The basic properties of magnets:
1. The nature of magnets: magnets are magnetic and can attract iron objects.
2. Magnets have magnetic poles, and every magnet manufacturer produces magnets with N and S poles, which exist in pairs.
Temporary magnets and permanent magnets: When ferromagnetic material is magnetized, it is easy to lose its magnetic properties, it is called a temporary magnet (for example: iron); when ferromagnetic material is magnetized, it is not easy to lose its magnetic properties, it is called a permanent magnet (for example: steel).
4. Magnet manufacturers believe that when two magnets are close to each other, the same magnetic poles will repel each other to push away, and the different magnetic poles will attract each other to stick. So it is said: the same pole repels each other, the opposite pole attracts each other is this reason.

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