What do I need to pay attention to when customizing a spherical magnet?

Custom spherical magnets are not uncommon for our magnet manufacturers to produce, it is a common spherical product with special application areas. Not all industries will use spherical magnets. Our spherical magnets, for example, are mostly used in machinery and equipment. The magnets have a characteristic that they are very sensitive to magnetic fields, and the magnetic field will shake the magnet ball so that the current in the machinery and equipment will be safe.

When we customize the spherical magnets to customers, we often ask customers to do a sample to test, sample to test can be found in a timely manner whether there are differences in product requirements, if there are differences can be adjusted in a timely manner, thus saving customers unnecessary waste losses here.

In our magnet manufacturer for spherical customization, we as a professional magnet manufacturer in understanding your needs for this product, we will cooperate with you to customize the magnet prototype production, but also for you to recommend the appropriate performance of the material to cooperate. If you have questions about the customization of spherical magnets can contact our professional magnet manufacturers, we will explain to you!

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