What should I pay attention to during the use of strong magnets?

Strong magnets, literally, can give us an idea of the properties of magnets. It is powerful, and this power should not be underestimated. Because of this power, we need to pay attention to it when we use it. NdFeB strong magnet is the magnetic material among many magnetic materials.

The strong magnet, which is not widely used in our life. Therefore, we should be careful when using it and pay attention to it. Because of its relatively strong magnetic properties, for a small magnet, it can absorb tens or even hundreds of times its weight. Such a strong suction force can cause damage when used slightly improperly. And because of its own suction is relatively large, when put into the ferrous metal sheet, can not be thrown from a distance, must be placed close to the slow. Because the magnet is not iron, it is made of NdFeB rare earth sintered, it is very fragile itself, so it should be installed slowly.

In addition, the installation must be operated by professionals and equipped with protective tools to avoid great damage caused by strong magnets. Due to its fragility, some strong magnets need to wear protective covers, which can improve the life of the strong magnet. Therefore, when you need these auxiliary tools, don’t forget.

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